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September 26, 2016
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Do you listen to your body?

Do you listen to your body?


Do you have chronic pains and aches, tightness in your body or digestive issues? Do you get tired and stressed, or flustered easily? Or do you feel light, upbeat and full of energy? Maybe you feel a mix of all these things, at different times.


Our bodies are always communicating with us. But so often we ignore the feelings and signs they are giving us, and just continue with what we are doing. We take a pill to mask and get rid of the symptoms when often our bodies have been telling us slowly over time that something is not right. Perhaps it’s been a tiny, niggling pain that just won’t go away, but isn’t enough for you to pay any attention to. But then reaches a point where it stops you in your tracks and you have to!


My body tells me when I have a bit too much chocolate or sugar in general as I get a slight headache and need to drink a lot of water. Or when I have had one too many glasses of wine my stomach sure as hell lets me know the next day!


If you listen to your body, really get to know it as you would a close friend, you’ll start to see that certain types of movement/exercise work better for you at different times. Sometimes you need hearty, warming meals whilst at other times a fresh salad is what you really want. Perhaps you aren't even hungry when you think you are.

Living on autopilot, doing what we think we should do, and not really checking in regularly to see what we need, is not living in balance and harmony with ourselves.


Give it a go, really listen to your body. What does it need today?

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