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How self-care can help you move into spring gracefully

How self-care can help you move into spring gracefully

We all go through phases in life: ups and downs, times when things seem to flow perfectly, then others when no matter what you do things feel like they’re against you. This is natural – life is cyclical, just like the seasons, and we can’t always expect ourselves to be ‘in bloom’, just like nature.

Now that spring is coming around again – the weather is warming up (for the most part) and the lovely, longer evenings are returning, it’s natural to want to come out of our winter hibernation. Making the shift can take some effort and encouragement, but there’s a way to do this that’s gentle and makes your body feel in flow with the transitioning seasons, and that is extra self-care.

Self-care, which I believe is essential at all time, is especially necessary when we are going through harder times. Ironically this is the time when we tend to neglect it, as other seemingly more important things get in the way. Now, transitioning into spring might not seem like a big or hard thing on the outside (and let’s be honest, moving into spring is a lot more inviting than moving into winter), but it is still a transition, and a great time to start including certain foods or more active, energetic actions so your body, mind and soul can take in all the benefits of the new season.

For example, spring is a great time to start including lighter, fresher foods in your diet to help bring in more freshness and energy; getting outside more and into the sunlight; making plans and adopting a more outward approach to your day-to-day.

I am running a free seasonal monthly self-care challenge, which starts on the 1st April. You can sign up here.

It includes a daily tip, inspiration or action straight to your inbox, throughout the month of April. The tips include a mix of actions, which will hopefully nourish you and help you to start caring for yourself in a more loving way.

We all have different needs, we all live different lifestyles and so this is not a one-size fits all approach, but rather an invitation to try a new self-care activity every day throughout the month of April, and find out which ones work for you and which ones don’t so you can include more in your life on an ongoing basis.

Photo by Alexandru Tudorache on Unsplash

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