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August 1, 2016
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Staying healthy on the go

Staying healthy on the go

Staying healthy when you are on the go can be hard. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for work, for holidays with friends and family or even just a short break away from home. It’s easy to get thrown when we are out of our normal routine and fall into habits of unhealthy eating and/or neglecting exercise.

Here are a few ways to help you keep on track and not completely ditch your routine. But also remember that things may not always go to plan.

Plan your exercise

Plan what exercise gear you will be taking with you so you don’t forget anything – trainers, tops, shorts, swimming suit etc whatever you wear for the activity you will be doing. Even things such as a travel yoga mat for your own exercise or perhaps some exercise DVD’s to do on your laptop in your room.

Include family and friends while you exercise

For example, you could look for great routes for family walks and to get some sightseeing in while you’re exercising.

Download some apps

If you are a fan of apps find some that work for you. Whether it is a food tracker, a quick workout, a yoga app or guided meditations, they can be helpful for keeping you on track and motivated.

Have healthy snacks

Take some healthy snacks such as nuts, health bars (be on the lookout for added sugar in these), fruit, dried fruit and seeds with you so you don’t have to worry about making unhealthy choices while you’re travelling. Find out how far away the nearest supermarket is so you can stock up on healthy snacks, water and teas.

Take supplements

Take a supplement such as spirulina, which can be added to food or even water for an extra source of minerals and vitamins, plus protein.

Be prepared for eating out

Look into what restaurants are in the area and what their menus include, so when and if you do go out to eat you can choose somewhere with healthy food options.

Have something to keep you on track

Take an inspiring healthy book or some magazines with you to help keep you motivated.

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