UA-71620762-2 Seasonal self-care, workplace wellness for sensitives and empaths.
Are you a highly sensitive person who feels like you are constantly being pulled in a million different directions, with little or no time for yourself? Are you used to putting other people first? Prioritising everyone else's needs and wants above your own can take its toll on your health and I am here to help you.

I will work together with you, helping you to connect with yourself and your inner knowing, as well as guiding you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you, as a sensitive individual, throughout the year (working with the seasons inner and outer). As a result you will feel less stressed, have more energy, and super importantly more time to do the things you love, and find a balance that works for you.

Self-care and working with the cycles and rhythms of the planet, moon and myself have changed my life. I truly believe that we have the power to heal ourselves and by doing so we can give more to others and help heal the world! The tools and services I offer all provide guidance and support to help you empower yourself to do this. It is my mission to support YOU in figuring out what works for YOU.
  • “Tara is a wonderful Self-Care Coach. Her ability to listen and hear you is really outstanding. I’ve had sessions with Tara and have participated in her Soulful Self-Care Workshops. Our work together has helped me to go really deep into myself, connect with the needs of my body, mind and soul. Tara is one of a kind - if you haven’t worked with her yet I highly recommend it. You will be held and guided in the most amazing way. Thank you Tara for your wisdom and beautiful energy and for your ability to hold the space in such a gracious way.”
    Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes
  • "Tara's self-care workshop was a welcome breath of fresh air at what has otherwise been a very busy and emotionally draining time. Following the workshop I felt calm and centred and this continued the next day and beyond. The visualisations and reflective journalling provided both valuable insights into what my soul needs right now as well as some practical strategies for day-to-day life in the coming month. I can't wait for the next one - this may well become one of my regular "top-up" activities. Thank you Tara, it was a lovely workshop and you really held the space in a powerful way."
    Sara Fox
  • “So grateful for the beautiful self-care sacred space you created Tara! You took us on a powerful and illuminating journey and I am still in awe of the insights and revelations. Thank you for guiding me to unearth such gems! The opportunity to relax and fully surrender in the comfort of my own home while being held in this precious container was such a gift. A gift that I’m still unwrapping! Thank you Tara for helping me to reconnect, recharge and carve out space for ME to emerge. So looking forward to the next opportunity to find treasures with you!”
    Julia Tobin
    Follow Your Glow
  • "Since October 2017 I have been working with Tara to become healthier, lose weight and improve my posture. It has been a stunning success: I lost 8kg to reach my ideal weight, I have changed my diet without losing the joy of eating - actually increasing it - and managed to do regular exercises. And the sessions have been very convenient. As I don't live in the UK, we conducted the sessions with Skype interviews. Tara has been excellent in helping me to define my own objectives and turning them in practical steps. She is very friendly, perceptive and encouraging, while never losing sight of results. I enjoy the sessions with her. They are friendly conversations in which we explore what fits with my life and what promises to be successful. I like that she is not dogmatic - I would not want to give up meat, for example - and that she shares the belief that lasting change in habits needs to be a joyful and positive experience. She knows that nobody is perfect, that we sometimes may fall back to bad habits and that the bad habits may even be a part of a balanced life as long as they are limited and the good habits dominate. Tara has provided me with excellent advice on food and eating habits and even sent recipes for food that is both tasty and healthy. She always thinks perceptively, how more sports and exercise fits more with my busy life. I can strongly recommend Tara to anybody, who wants to have a better life."
    Gerd L
  • It wasn't until I started the 'From surviving to thriving the 9 to 5' programme that I realised how ill I actually felt and that I was wishing my life away... The first week was the hardest, I had to acknowledge where I was and it was a wake-up call, but Tara made it easier by splitting the course into small manageable sections so I wasn't overwhelmed... I started small, and just admitting that I wasn't coping was a win. After that I made small manageable changes that are now already starting to become habits. Tara has helped me identify foods that drain me and encouraged me to try a more vegetarian based diet, which has been a revelation and I can't believe how good I feel after this particular change... If, like me, you realise that things need to change I would really recommend working with Tara. We looked at a different area each week and discussed what small changes I could try to make. I still have work to do, but just having someone supporting me who has been through similar things and came out of the other side was reassuring. Whilst the stresses in my life are still there, and I quite often have a wobble, I now feel better equipped to cope and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed has eased. For the first time, in a long time, I actually feel quite positive, that I can do this and stick to it. I've also found a new hobby for making raw chocolates, thanks Tara!
    Paula Angus
    Trustee Governance Team Manager
  • "Thank you for your emails this past month. They were like a mother's (nature's) voice reminding me to look after myself each day in simple and achievable ways."
    Elizabeth Isitor
  • "I want to thank you for the month of self-care reminders! I loved the simplicity of them and they definitely prompted me to take more care of myself during what turned out to be a busy month. Thank you again."
    Tracy Karkut-Law
  • "Tara is an intuitive coach who helped me get through a very difficult time of transition in my life. Through her holistic approach she helped me set goals and recognize behaviors which were holding me back, while guiding me toward strategies to grow and conquer. Tara's emphasis on prioritizing self-care as a key part of a holistic, spiritual and health journey (especially for an empath like myself) is what makes her such a fantastic coach and her coaching program a success."
    Kelly Adams
    Freelance photographer and social media consultant
  • "Tara is a talented and inspired coach. Sessions with her were evocative and thought-provoking. In 3 sessions I was able to transform my sleep patterns!"
    Madeleine Shearer
    Leadership transformer
  • "I've always wanted to be healthier in day to day life and look after myself better. However, I always gave myself loads of goals and then never stuck to them. I have never really been into self care, but thought I would give this a try. Doing this workbook gave me a chance to sit down and actually pinpoint exactly what it is that I wanted to work on and change in my life. Writing it down, and looking at the separate aspects of my life made everything seem much more manageable. I started with something small - and once this had become a habit I set out on to the next thing (exercise). I am waiting a few more weeks to make sure this habit has stuck, and then I will be starting the next one on the list! I couldn't have done it without the self-care workbook, which just helps everything seem more attainable and helps you focus on the things you want to change. Thank you Tara for the excellent self-care aid, I can't recommend it enough!"
    Leona Leipold
    Chemistry PhD student
  • "The workbook was so helpful. I was sceptical and not one to write down my feelings but I stumbled on the very first question, 'Do you like yourself?'. And not because I don't like myself but it was a question I had never thought about, nor asked myself before. The workbook has several sections - from nutrition to family life - and it asks you questions about each aspect. At the end of the workbook, you relook at each section and pick one aspect that you'd like to work on. I chose exercise. I have always been good at working out once or twice a week but for what I'm trying to achieve, it's in no way enough. Picking one aspect of the workbook made my goals achievable for the month and I've stuck to it. I feel like I've made myself one promise and so I can do it. What's great about the workbook, is that I can go back and redo it in a month's time and focus on another aspect. Thank you Tara - it really is the small changes that make a big difference."
    Charlene Kendry
    PR Director

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