UA-71620762-2 Book – Tara Jackson
My first book is coming out in spring 2019

It is a story of my healing journey. A story of decades of addiction and self-harming and how I came back to find and connect with myself.

"There once was a time when admitting my frailties, my pain, my fragility was a weakness. I could never be seen as anything less than a person of strength and someone who had it all together. But that was bullshit, I was a tower held together by emptiness – a longing to be heard, a longing to be loved and understood. I looked for it everywhere. I ate away my pain, numbing until I couldn't feel anything. I drank to loosen up and share my sorrows, looking for ways to connect to others, find some beam of familiarity in another – someone that understood and could relate to me. Later I learned that the love and understanding I so desperately sought could only come from within."

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