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My first book, Embodied - A self-care guide for sensitive souls, is out now.

Following the death of my mother at a young age, I went through years of self-harming – eating disorders, addictions to drinking, drugs, TV, food and other things, lots of self-loathing, being broke and in debt, and spiralling in and out of depression. I always put on a brave face and tried to get through it. I hated myself and my life and didn’t know what the point of it all was. This was my existence.

A few years ago something inside me clicked – I was sick and tired of being this way and doubly motivated by external events I HAD to change my life, so I did. Slowly, little by little, I began to turn things around, with support from others. I started to look after myself, try and show myself I actually did care and maybe, just maybe, life could get better.

It did. I found new tools and ways to help me learn to love myself, I committed to myself each and every day, and life just keeps on getting better. Now I am sharing this story.

It includes an honest, vulnerable and deeply personal account of my journey and what I went through. Then there is a comprehensive guide with 52 practical self-care tips, actions and inspiration as well as real life examples of how I used these things to help me heal, which can be used like a pick'n'mix, one a week, an oracle deck or however you choose.

You can buy a copy of the book on Amazon or anywhere else you buy books.

Nicola Humber

Nicola Humber, Author of ‘Unbound’ and ‘Heal Your Inner Good Girl’

Embodied had me both in tears and laughter within the first few pages! The combination of Tara's personal story with the 52 self-care tips is incredibly powerful. This book is a gateway to deeper levels of self-care for women at all stages of their life journey.

Alice McGurran, Editor

With courage and honesty, Tara shares her journey and offers sincere and relatable advice to anyone who needs a hand in that most important of acts: self-care.

Julia Tobin, Creator


Embodied is an incredibly raw, real and much-needed offering from a wonderfully wise and kind soul. Paving the way for women, and men to share their stories without a filter, to describe their truth and embrace their shadow. Embodied is a triumph to the resilience of the human spirit to overcome barriers, challenges and obstacles and emerge with realness, confidence and hope. Embodied is a book that celebrates the human potential and unites us to the truth of our blinding light after enduring our darkest nights. A must read for those with the understanding that it is through telling our stories with authenticity and courage, that the world becomes a much smaller and kinder place.
My second book Embodied Business, released on 11.11.2020 is available now.

It's for empath entrepreneurs - to support them with grounding and aligning their business with the seven main chakras in the body, with the earth star and soul star chakras as anchor points. It looks at some of the principles, blocks and issues that can come up on the entrepreneurial journey as each can correspond to a different chakra.

When these areas are addressed and brought to light, the whole entrepreneurial journey flows more smoothly. You become a vibrational match for ideal clients. You feel safe to show up and share in your authentic power, and you own your worth as the shining light that you are.

• Earth star chakra: nourishment, holding and support from Mother Earth • Base chakra: grounding and business boundaries • Sacral chakra: creativity and receiving in your business • Solar plexus chakra: owning your worth, value and authentic power • Heart chakra: connecting with others and sharing vulnerably • Throat chakra: communication and expression in your business • Third eye chakra: your business’ vision and owning your spiritual gifts • Crown chakra: taking action in alignment with your purpose • Soul star chakra: Divine Love

There are stories and examples shared throughout the book, holistic wellness, plus practical tools and tips for each chakra to help you with your business as an Empathpreneur.

You can buy a copy here.