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I didn’t realise I was an empath until my early 30s. I had a real ‘aha’ moment when I learned a bit more about empaths and what the common traits amongst them were. It was like so many of my seemingly ‘different’ feelings, emotions and ways of perceiving the world all suddenly made sense. My heightened sensitivity, total empathy for others and inability to grow a thicker skin in certain situations weren’t so weird anymore.

For years, I’ve suffered with my energy levels – I’d often feel tired after being around lots of people and it got to a point where I avoided these types of situations altogether, making excuses and feeling bad for not wanting to do things like everyone else. I would also suddenly feel things that didn’t make sense – feeling sad or low, or at times exhausted and lethargic. I didn’t understand then that I was picking up on what was going on with loved ones, or the world around me. To deal with these sudden changes in energy and mood I would want to sleep or eat a lot to either avoid what was going on, or to ground myself and give me more energy.

It wasn’t a very healthy way of handling things and I found myself slowly but consistently gaining weight. This led to years of battling with my weight, going on extreme diets to try and lose a few pounds, but then finding it so hard to stick with anything as I’d compulsively eat whenever I felt low or tired. It seemed like a never-ending battle.

It was only when I started to look at my whole life holistically that things started to change. I started to recognise how my moods were affected by others. I learned new ways of handling what I was feeling, including exercises that I love to do, self-care actions which are simple but effective and fill me up. As well as how to let certain things pass through me instead of trying (and not doing very well) to handle them, as if they were my own.

It has been life-changing learning to care for myself as an empath. I always felt my sensitivity and empathy were more of a hindrance, but in fact I know today that they are my greatest strengths.

It is my dream to help as many other empaths realise the same and learn to nourish and care for themselves in a way that keeps them filled up all the time.

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A letter to my fellow empaths.