30 days of self-care for sensitive souls (seasonal)

We don't give enough care and love to ourselves, and how can we truly give to others and be the best we can be if we aren’t receiving enough ourselves. You can't give from empty.

I grew up in the southern hemisphere near the equator so was used to year round sun and warmth for the most part. Moving to London, as an adult, and adjusting to the cold and darkness of winter was a massive shock for me, especially as a highly sensitive person. It took me over 10 years to really get in tune with the changing seasons and to care for myself in the best possible way.

I have found that it’s the smallest things that you do each day, which have the biggest effect overall. Also changing these things with the seasons and tuning in to how they make you feel, so you can adjust them to what works best for what you need right then.

This is a seasonal challenge, which you can begin in any time, depending on what season you are in. It involves doing something small every day for yourself (and others), with actions included especially for sensitive people, to help you adjust to the changing seasons, which will hopefully benefit your mind and body as well as the people in your life, as you start to receive more.

Find out why self-care is so important here.

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"I want to thank you for the month of self-care reminders! I loved the simplicity of them and they definitely prompted me to take more care of myself during what turned out to be a busy month. Thank you again." Tracy Karkut-Law, homeopath,
"Thank you for your emails this past month. They were like a mother’s (nature's) voice reminding me to look after myself each day in simple and achievable ways." Elizabeth Isitor, photographer,