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October 20, 2019
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November 8, 2019
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When it’s hard being so sensitive

Usually I love being so sensitive.

I have an incredibly strong connection with my intuition; I feel it enhances my creativity; I can empathise and relate to others on many levels so I am able to be compassionate; I am in tune with what harms me and heals me and my body won’t let me live out of alignment for very long; I can tell a lot about someone without them having to say much. The list goes on.

But, there are times when being highly sensitive can feel all too much!

I find seasonal shifts, particularly into the darker months especially hard (once I’m in it, it’s fine, it’s just the transition). I notice the change in light outside acutely and I feel down if there’s no sunshine for more than a day or two at most. When this happens it’s as though everything in my body is on high alert, I hear noises more loudly, mess and stuff around irritates me, I feel other people’s energy even more strongly, particularly if it’s aggressive or louder than where I’m at. I feel tender and delicate and like nobody else gets it. This world isn’t built for me, and I just want to curl up in bed to escape from it all and have a good cry.

And sometimes I do.

Then I remind myself that it’s okay to feel like this.

Having these downs along with the ups is part of being human and it too shall pass. And it always does. Acknowledging how I feel, reaching out to other highly sensitive, empathic people, journaling, meditating, moving my body and getting into nature are all practices that help me.

But, the biggest part is the acknowledgment. Allowing myself to be where I’m at and feel what I’m feeling. So often we ignore or numb these not so good feelings, I certainly did for years, and they end up bursting out. Often these things just need to be released from the body, so sharing them (with others in a safe supportive space, or out loud or in a journal) or being with them and asking them what they need or what they are trying to tell you is so powerful.

In case you need a little reminder today, it’s okay to be where you are at and feel what you are feeling. If you would like support, and I always recommend this as it makes this journey so much more nourishing, reach out to someone you trust.

If can support you around your wellbeing in any way, please book in a free 30 minute call with me here and let’s chat around your needs.

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