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This is an opportunity for you to join with likeminded souls and give yourself time to create.

Perhaps you have a book bubbling inside of you; songs you want to write and/or perform; art that is longing to find its way out of you; recipes that need to be tasted; a design that you know would look beautiful on the body; creations that need to be birthed into this world.

We are ALL creative beings and by holding our creativity back we are doing ourselves and the world a disservice.

I truly believe that by expressing ourselves creatively we are honouring our own self-care and in doing so heal ourselves and the world around us.

I know from personal experience what a relief I feel when I create. I grew up loving art, cooking, acting… – I lived in an imaginary world where creativity ruled and I could be, do and have all I desired. Anything was possible. This continued throughout my teens where school art classes were my release, my sanctuary for me to escape from a difficult home life. Nature was my muse and when I was left alone with my pencils, pastels and a blank sheet of paper, hours would pass by and I would feel so free, and like I could just be ME. I loved the freedom and excitement from not knowing what might come out of me, what might take shape on the paper in front of me. I even went so far as to do an art degree where I thought this would further my creativity. Sadly, for me, I found I had to do ‘art’ a certain way, which went against what I wanted to do. A way that fit into what society demanded – it had to be art that could make a career. I was told I wasn’t good and I even failed my art degree the first time I did it. It ruined art for me and it was over 14 years until (with the support of some incredible friends) I picked up a pencil and paintbrush for the first time. When I did I remembered just how much I love to create. To express… To allow… To put colour on paper. From then it has snowballed and I finally have the confidence to begin creating again. The difference? This time it’s for ME!

I recently walked into an art store for the first time in years and I honestly felt like a kid in a candy shop – the colours, the materials, the textures – so much beauty, so much possibility. It just made my soul SO happy. This is the ultimate form of self-care for me!

If this resonates with you, I would love for you to join me. Starting in January 2019 I am going to hold a monthly (to start – it may go up!) session online via Zoom, where we all meet for an hour to create. We will check in at the beginning and then go away to create for an hour, then come back and check in again. It’s a held space and it’s time for you to create in whatever way you feel called. In time I may introduce themes and inspiration, but this will all unfold over time.

So many of us are told we aren’t good in school or by others. It’s NOT true! This is your chance to create again – for YOU, and if it leads to other things, then woo hoo!

I will be asking for a small donation each time to be made to a charity which supports creativity.

If you would like to be kept informed of the dates these will be happening you can add your details here.

To OUR creativity!