UA-71620762-2 Self-care coaching

This is membership group for sensitive souls who are ready to dive deeper into their self-care. It’s a space to honour the seasons of the year (in the northern hemisphere) and let your self-care flow with the changes in weather. It’s a time to slow down, really get to know yourself and what your body, mind and soul need throughout the year.

So often we go through life on autopilot and do the things for our wellbeing that we think we ‘should’. For example extreme dieting in the new year (when naturally we want to be resting and nourishing ourselves as it’s the coldest, darkest time of the year). Many of us ignore the natural rhythms of our own bodies - always feeling like we ‘should be doing something’ when actually we are cyclical beings, and by honouring that we can thrive.

I truly believe we all each know what we need to feel great in ourselves, we’ve just lost that connection and knowing, or perhaps been led astray by society – telling us how we should be/think/feel etc. Even what we should eat and drink, and how much!

Each month will focus on a different theme, linking to the season of the year, to help you prioritise your self-care and wellbeing so you feel better in your own skin, raise your vibration and feel more connected to YOU.

The themes for the next 12 months include:

Deep nourishment – honouring sensitive souls

Love – self-love and opening the heart

Cyclical nature and seasons – inner and outer

Energy levels – getting to know your own energy and what works for you

Creativity – for self-care

Connection – with yourself – your body, mind and soul. With others and nature

Magic – bringing in a childlike curiosity, fun and play to the everyday and beyond

Replenishment – creating spaciousness and establishing boundaries

Harvesting – celebrating yourself and honouring you for being you

Finding balance – including balancing the feminine and masculine

Embracing our shadow side – welcoming in all parts of yourself

Letting go – releasing and forgiving

Membership includes:

  • Resources/handouts/recipes and/or MP3 meditations/visualisations which relate to the topic and support you body, mind and soul. Each month will vary depending on what is most relevant.
  • A workbook on the topic with journaling prompts to feel into how the topic relates to you personally – mind, body and soul.
  • Monthly group call for support to discuss anything that has come up, share insights and awarenesses and ask questions.
  • A private online space on Facebook – ‘The Nest’ to share and support one another day-to-day, with prompts relating to the topic to support your self-care.
  • Investment

  • Investment is £44 per month and you can pay as you go. Each new month’s content is released on the 8th of each month.
  • If you want to sign up for six months in advance, the investment is £222.
  • To join, please visit my shop here.

    I am offering the month of January 2019 as a gift for those who want to trial this group. Please add your details here and you will receive all the content on the 8th January 2019.

  • To sign up for 12 months, the investment is £555, with these extras:
  • 1 x 1 hour one-to-one mentoring session with me to support you personally
  • Free access to my online self-care and magic making workshops throughout the year, which include meditations, journaling and card readings. You can find out more here.
  • To join for 12 months, please email me at