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April 19, 2018
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August 11, 2018
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The world needs your empathic beauty

Dear fellow empaths,

I have a little message for you today, something I felt called to write, something that just came to me.

The world needs you, in all your empathic beauty, to help it heal.

Yes, it is painful to feel the hurt and sadness that others’ experience, not knowing how to process it. Yes, we can absorb negativity and feel emotionally drained at times, which may lead to self-destructive behaviours or numbing to avoid this. We may feel completely misunderstood and that we’re alone in all that we experience. It may feel overwhelming, like there is no hope and that there is just too much suffering out there.

BUT, there is so much you can give to the world by being you: by feeling all that you do; by being able to relate so strongly to others; by being the sensitive soul that you are. You can use this to offer great compassion, understanding, comfort, healing and kindness. You understand that one person’s pain is everyone else’s. You know that for us to all thrive we have to be there to support and help one another, we can’t continue living in the paradigm of ‘me’ versus ‘we’. For the world to truly heal we have to see the love in each other even in the darkest moments. You, as an empath, have this gift within you. Let your sensitivity be your super power and embrace all the magic that it can offer the world.

I’m not saying to put others first, and allow yourself to get depleted. But by reaching out to fellow empaths, asking for help, being clear on your boundaries and putting your needs first, you can come from a place of being filled up and will have soooo much to offer this world, just by being YOU. Share your experiences of being an empath, reach out, allow yourself to be vulnerable, as you heal yourself you will heal the world around you.

Love to you.

As an empath self-care is so important as it helps with energy levels, not feeling so drained, respecting boundaries, learning to do what’s best for your body, mind and soul – and so much more!

With this in mind I’ve put together a free 7-day self-care challenge for empaths, which includes a daily email with some self-care love, guidance, ideas, journaling prompts and other resources which will hopefully help you with your self-care as an empath. You can sign up here.

If you would like support around your wellbeing in any way, please book in a free 30 minute call with me here and let’s chat

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