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I want to live in a world where we are in balance with our rhythms and cycles, and that of this planet. Where we take time out to rest when we need, understanding that it’s detrimental to our wellbeing to be ‘on’ all the time. Where we deal with the root cause of issues and don’t try to numb or ignore them in an effort to move on and be more productive. Where less is more and bigger does not mean better.

I want space to be held for all feelings and emotions, honouring everything that rises – the messy, the painful, the not knowing – as it all has something to teach us. There is space for all of it, not just the happy, positive side.

I want us to honour sensitivity and see it as a strength. It has the power to heal and create magic, if only we take the time to slow down and connect with it.

I want us to feel so in tune with our bodies that we know exactly what messages they are giving to us. That we are able to look after them and treat them as someone we love. So we don’t disconnect from them and force them to do things we are told are good for us, but don’t actually feel good. I want us to remember that we have everything we need inside.

I want us to embrace that we are a holistic mind, body, spirit being and need to nurture and nourish all parts of ourselves so we can thrive.

Are you a highly sensitive and/or empathic being looking for wellness support?

Self-care, colour therapy and working with the cycles and rhythms of the planet and myself have changed my life. I truly believe that we have the power to heal ourselves and by doing so we can give more to others and help heal the world! The tools and services I offer all provide guidance and support to help empower you to do this. It is my mission to support YOU in figuring out what works for YOU.

I am only working with a few VIP clients at a time, so if you are ready to invest in this support for yourself, please book in a call here and we can feel into what it might be like to work together. I also have a number of online courses that might support you, which you can see below.

If you are an empath entrepreneur (empathpreneur) please take a look at how I can support you with clearing any blocks that might be stopping you from showing up and making the impact you are here to make, on my other site

  • What I love the most about Tara's approach is that it feels like a good suggestion rather than a must do. It's like planting that seed of intention and letting it blossom in its own time and way. Tara has tried and tested a number of different self help / wellbeing methods in the past and also worked with various coaches which has meant she's able to bring a flexible approach to coaching that I felt really resonated with me. Her focused guided meditations have enabled me to tap into different emotions and parts of my body. I've used art and journaling as part of our sessions and these have enabled me to express myself better, pick up on patterns and sometimes just throw things out.
  • Before I met Tara I was always searching for the next self help book, self improvement course, idea, concept, instagram quote and whatever else there could be to tell me what the solution was to all my so called problems were. It's only through working with Tara have I learnt that I already have the knowledge, wisdom, power, strength and love inside of me and that just being me was the perfection I have always been looking for. Just having Tara on the other end of the phone with so much love and an understanding of the spiritual, physical, mental and the complexities of the heart and universe has helped me feel at peace that I'm not alone in this world, that I can achieve my dreams and have the belief in who I am.
    Shapla Halim
  • I worked with Tara for 5 months to become healthier, lose weight and improve my posture. It was a stunning success: I lost 8kg to reach my ideal weight, I have changed my diet without losing the joy of eating - actually increasing it - and managed to do regular exercises. And the sessions have been very convenient. As I don't live in the UK, we conducted the sessions with Skype interviews. Tara has been excellent in helping me to define my own objectives and turn them into practical steps. She is very friendly, perceptive and encouraging, while never losing sight of results. I enjoy the sessions with her. They are friendly conversations in which we explore what fits with my life and what promises to be successful. I like that she is not dogmatic - I would not want to give up meat, for example - and that she shares the belief that lasting change in habits needs to be a joyful and positive experience. She knows that nobody is perfect, that we sometimes may fall back to bad habits and that the bad habits may even be a part of a balanced life as long as they are limited and the good habits dominate. Tara has provided me with excellent advice on food and eating habits and even sent recipes for food that is both tasty and healthy. She always thinks perceptively, how more sports and exercise fits more with my busy life. I can strongly recommend Tara to anybody, who wants to have a better life.
    Gerd L
  • Tara is an intuitive coach who helped me get through a very difficult time of transition in my life. Through her holistic approach she helped me set goals and recognize behaviors which were holding me back, while guiding me toward strategies to grow and conquer. Tara's emphasis on prioritizing self-care as a key part of a holistic, spiritual and health journey (especially for an empath like myself) is what makes her such a fantastic coach and her coaching program a success.
    Kelly Adams
    Freelance photographer and social media consultant
  • "Tara is a talented and inspired coach. Sessions with her were evocative and thought-provoking. In 3 sessions I was able to transform my sleep patterns!"
    Madeleine Shearer
    Leadership transformer

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