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March 20, 2020
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July 6, 2020
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Sacral Chakra Wellness



Join me for a journey into your Sacral chakra – the feminine centre of your being.

This bundle includes a workbook and three visualisations focusing on the sacral chakra, through colour and journaling prompts. Plus there is space and inspiration to create tapping into your sacral chakra. So you will need to have a creative tool of your choice.

It will guide you to connect to your sacral chakra and what is coming up for you in your life. I also share some tools and practices to support you, including from the Colour Mirrors system.

Some of the things this particular bundle will support you with are:
– Opening and connecting to the sacral area.
– Connecting to your creativity and flow.
– Feeling into where your emotions might be stuck and how you can support yourself to release them.
– Connecting to how you receive and opening to receive more.
– Gently connecting to anything holding you back in this area.

10% of all profits go to ETATU, a charity that supports orphans and women on the coast of Kenya.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Sacral Chakra Wellness

  1. Lola Fayemi

    Thank you Tara for that gorgeous workshop this morning. I really enjoyed it, I had a lot of insights and found it to be deeply nourishing.

  2. Sue Peet

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop thank you. I really got a lot from It, it made me realise more than ever that I need even more orange in my life. I really went with the flow of the workshop, and I totally got into the relaxation and movement in the final visualisation. I was really anxious at the start of the workshop due to moving house, and couldn’t quite put my finger on my emotions, but after doing the workshop I felt so much more grounded and centred and far more relaxed.

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