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January 11, 2018
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January 22, 2019
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Seasonal self-care for sensitive souls: 6 months


This is a membership group for sensitive souls who are ready to dive deeper into their self-care. It’s a space to honour the seasons of the year (in the northern hemisphere) and let your self-care flow with the changes in weather. It’s a time to slow down, really get to know yourself and what your body, mind and soul need throughout the year.

Each month will focus on a different theme, linking to the season of the year, to help you prioritise your self-care and wellbeing so you feel better in your own skin, raise your vibration and feel more connected to YOU.

Membership includes:

– Resources/handouts/recipes and/or MP3 meditations/visualisations which relate to the topic. Each month will vary depending on what is most relevant.

– A worksheet on the topic with journaling prompts to feel into how the topic relates to you personally – mind, body and soul.

– Monthly group call for support to discuss anything that has come up, share insights and awarenesses and ask questions.

– A private online space on Facebook – ‘The Nest’ to share and support one another day-to-day.

Price includes 6 months of content, released on the 8th of the month beginning in 2019.

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