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January 11, 2018
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October 15, 2019
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Seasonal self-care for sensitive souls: 12 month course


Are you a sensitive soul who is ready to dive deeper into your self-care?

I’ve learned and am still learning how to look after myself during the different seasons of the year, as well as in tune with my own inner cycles.

So often we go through life on autopilot and do the things for our wellbeing that we think we ‘should’. For example extreme dieting in the new year (when naturally we want to be resting and nourishing ourselves as it’s the coldest, darkest time of the year – in the northern hemisphere). Many of us ignore the natural rhythms of our own bodies – always feeling like we ‘should be doing something’ when actually we are cyclical beings, and by honouring that we can thrive.

I truly believe we all each know what we need to feel great in ourselves, we’ve just lost that connection and knowing, or perhaps been led astray by society – telling us how we should be/think/feel etc. Even what we should eat and drink, and how much!

This e-course includes 12 different topics each linking to the months and seasons of the year, to help you prioritise your self-care and wellbeing so you feel better in your own skin, raise your vibration and feel more connected to YOU.

Each one includes a workbook, then some have visualisations and meditations, recipes, daily emails and more – to really support you with your own self-care and what YOU need in each of the seasons.

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1 review for Seasonal self-care for sensitive souls: 12 month course

  1. Julia Tobin

    This e-course has been such an empowering and supportive anchor for me in navigating 2019. Each month’s theme is so deeply aligned with what feels to be top of the list self-care wise. Tara’s wisdom provides a roadmap to navigate the year and is a powerful reminder to flow with the cycles of nature. This reminder is so needed in our present non-stop lives. Anchoring into the true significance of winter for example allows me to sink into the quiet, reflective stillness of the season without a twinge of guilt 🙂

    The empowerment that i’ve felt through taking this course is massive. It’s allowed me to surrender even greater trust in nature and to remember that she is our greatest teacher.

    Calendars are great but this 12 month programme has given me so much more than simple reminders. Its been a support system. And rather than reminding me of what I need to ‘do’, this self-care course allows space simply to be.

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