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31 days of self-care for empaths
January 11, 2018
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Self-care workbook

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The self-care workbook is perfect for you if:
– You find yourself going around in circles, week after week, as you try to focus on improving different areas of your life
– You get overwhelmed dealing with everyone else's priorities and needs over your own
– You know there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now
– You are looking to include more self-care in your life as a whole, as you know how good life can be when you do
– You are ready to take the next step towards achieving your dreams

It is a 40 page digital workbook designed to help you create a personal self-care plan to live the life of your dreams, split in to three parts:
1. The review of where you are at now
2. What you would like to achieve in certain areas – your goals
3. Guidance, prompts and a space to create your personal self-care action plan.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Self-care workbook

  1. Charlene Kendry

    “The workbook was so helpful, it has several sections – from nutrition to family life – and it asks you questions about each aspect. At the end of the workbook, you relook at each section and pick one aspect that you’d like to work on. I chose exercise. I have always been good at working out once or twice a week but for what I’m trying to achieve, it’s in no way enough. Picking one aspect of the workbook made my goals achievable for the month and I’ve stuck to it. I feel like I’ve made myself one promise and so I can do it.

    What’s great about the workbook, is that I can go back and redo it in a month’s time and focus on another aspect.

    Thank you Tara – it really is the small changes that make a big difference.”

    Charlene Kendry, PR Director

  2. Leona Leipold

    “I’ve always wanted to be healthier in day to day life and look after myself better. However, I always gave myself loads of goals and then never stuck to them. I have never really been into self care, but thought I would give this a try. Doing this workbook gave me a chance to sit down and actually pinpoint exactly what it is that I wanted to work on and change in my life. Writing it down, and looking at the separate aspects of my life made everything seem much more manageable. I started with something small – and once this had become a habit I set out on to the next thing (exercise). I am waiting a few more weeks to make sure this habit has stuck, and then I will be starting the next one on the list! I couldn’t have done it without the self-care workbook, which just helps everything seem more attainable and helps you focus on the things you want to change. Thank you Tara for the excellent self-care aid, I can’t recommend it enough!”
    Leona Leipold, Chemistry PhD student

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