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November 25, 2016
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Ditch the New Year’s resolutions

Ditch the New Year's resolutions

Mid January is the time when typically most New Year’s resolutions start to slip and old habits creep back in. Rather than beating yourself up and feeling guilty (I know I certainly have done this year after year, for many years) for reverting to old patterns, I’d like to offer you an alternative approach.

Ditch the resolutions. Yes, ditch them.

Instead re-frame/re-write them as feelings you want to achieve this year.

For example if your resolution is to lose weight, instead think of how you will feel in your body, how light and full of energy you will feel when you eat more fresh food, and how certain clothes will feel on you. Or if your resolution is to stop drinking so much alcohol, instead see it as how clear headed and focused you will feel, and how much more you will be able to do not being hungover.

By changing how you approach your goals in terms of feelings you are more likely to achieve success as you are working towards a positive feeling inside yourself and not setting yourself up to fail with an all or nothing approach – which is what so many resolutions are. By this I mean that if you are aiming for a certain feeling there are shades of grey within that – you will know some days that you aren’t feeling as good as you can, and so you can make adjustments to get there. Whereas if your resolution is to quit smoking and you then have a cigarette, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ve failed and then give up completely.

It is still important to regularly revisit the feelings you want to achieve, perhaps have them written down and check in once a month, so that you can make adjustments and keep on track.

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