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November 6, 2018
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How connected are you?

I have a question for you – how connected are you?

Now, I don’t mean how many friends do you have on Facebook, followers on Instagram or Twitter (although these forms of ‘connection’ are given a lot of emphasis in this day and age), I’m referring to the connection you have with yourself – mind, body and soul. The relationship you have and the way you connect within.

For example, do you know what to eat to nourish yourself deeply? Do you trust your own decisions? Do you pay attention to the signs and signals your body gives you on a daily basis? Do you take the time to get to know yourself?

For me, connecting with myself is an ongoing journey. It’s a growing and evolving relationship that needs time and energy, and the more you give the more rewarding it is.

It may include using tools such as meditation, journaling and creativity to silence the noise of everyone and everything else around you, and tap into your own intuition and inner guidance. It could be quieting the busyness and connecting with the beauty and stillness of nature to actually feel what’s going on inside. Maybe it’s trying out different foods and seeing how they feel in YOUR body, how they affect your sleep and mood. Also how this might change with the different seasons of the year and your inner cycle. Perhaps it’s realising that your work is no longer fulfilling, or perhaps never was, and you feel exhausted on a daily basis as a result. Ultimately it’s listening closer to the messages and signs you get from within and trusting and honouring them, not just living on autopilot as we go through life.

For years I felt totally disconnected to my own body and would numb it with addictive behaviours to drown out the messages it gave me. I did the diets and exercises the media told me would make me feel better or look a certain way. I also didn’t know who I was or what I really wanted to do in the world. It was only when I slowed way down and tuned in that things started to change.

I truly believe we all each know what we need to feel great in ourselves, we’ve just lost that connection and knowing, or perhaps been led astray by society – telling us how we should be/think/feel etc. Even what we should eat and drink, and how much!

Look at babies, they know when they’re hungry, when they’re tired, when they need love, they know what they like and don’t like – somewhere along the way that all got totally messed up for one reason or another. Perhaps it was to protect yourself, to gain approval or to fit in, maybe it was because some marketing/advertising campaign worked and got under your skin, or it may just be because that’s what you’ve been taught. Whatever the reason was, so many of us seem to have lost that connection with what we each really need and want, and how to follow our own inner guidance.

My mission is to help you remember that connection. To help you strengthen it and to help you realise how amazingly life-changing it is!

This is where my heart lies as this has what has helped me heal and find my way back to myself. I now try to live my life honouring what I need (for the most part), even if it goes against what society says, and strengthening my connection with myself through daily practices. Now I want to help you do the same, so have outlined a few ways I can do this below.

Connection with others is something else that has helped me enormously. Having real, deep, meaningful connections where you are free to show up as YOU, and not be judged. I feel this is something we are all missing (ironically in our world of increased connectivity). So I hope to create more spaces where you can show up as you and share with likeminded people without feeling that you have to be a certain way.

I’d love to know if this resonates with you. How connected do you feel to yourself and others? What practices do you use to connect more?

If I can support you with your one-to-one connection, please feel free to book in a complimentary session with me here.

Photo by Rafael Ericson on Unsplash

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