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May 19, 2020
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What the colour red can help with

Colour is a wonderful tool for helping us to understand more about ourselves and what we might need. The more I explore colour therapy and meanings the more blown away I am by its magic!

‘Each colour choice you make is a mirror. Your personal colour choice will shine back to you the potential you hold, reminding you of your talents, gifts, personal power and the truth of the light that you are. At the same time your choices will reflect specific patterns of behaviour that could be sub-consciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life.’ From Colour Mirrors

I invite you to think about what colours you are drawn to at this time and which ones don’t you like so much?

Do you perhaps wear a certain colour all the time?

If you are attracted to red or even repelled by it, it can suggest certain things, which I will share more about. But firstly, think about your history with the colour red and I will share a little of mine.

I used to love red when I was a very small child. I had red shiny shoes that I absolutely adored. I remember feeling very comforted by the colour red. Then as I grew up and life and experiences happened I switched to LOVING (and I mean I was literally obsessed with it) purple. I didn’t like red anymore. I felt it was too much for me. I remember trying on a red dress as a teenager and even though the little child in me liked it, my older teenage self didn’t like the idea of the attention it might bring. Purple felt like a much more safe colour.

Now, this is a super simple description of some of my colour preferences and memories. But as I have learned more about the power of colour and each ones meanings, when I looked back on those memories under the lens of colour it all made so much sense! It explained it perfectly. Red is a colour that represents our connection to our physical existence, our presence on earth, our basic needs. Children are the most connected to this colour and as I had a pretty idyllic young childhood it makes total sense that I felt so connected to that colour. I can almost pinpoint my love for purple coming when my mother passed away, and purple is the colour that represents deep grief (amongst other things). Again this is a very simple example, but one that was quite profound for me, and just because you like purple doesn’t mean you have experienced deep grief as it also means different things.

We often choose colours to express what we are feeling, or even not allowing ourselves to feel. Particularly if we dislike a colour it can teach us a lot about ourselves, and where we are not owning our truth, our authenticity and our power.

Here are a few areas red can help you with: being a leader, assertiveness, action, confidence, physical energy, vibrancy, passion for life, sexual passion and ability to set boundaries. It can also help you heal anger, resentment, greed, fatigue, materialism, sacrifice, pain, struggle, victimhood and separation.

It closely links to the base chakra and supports issues that might come up in the area, which you can read more about here.

How do you feel about the colour red? Do you relate to the areas it can help you with? Is there anything there that you would like more or less of in your life?

If you’d like to dive into any of these areas more deeply, the recording of the workshop on the base chakra and what might come up is available here. Or I can support you personally with anything that might be coming up in your base chakra and beyond – book in a discovery call with me here and let’s feel what it would be like to work together.

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

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