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November 8, 2019
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How working with a coach can change your life

Working with a coach can be a fully transformational experience. As in – life changed, never to be the same again; knowing what you want for yourself and from your life, and more importantly how to get there. A coach can help provide you with the tools needed to help you move through resistance. Feeling like you don’t have to do this journey alone.

This is my experience of working with many coaches, and is why I am honoured to now call myself one. Holding space for another person to figure out their way forward (as I honestly believe we all know what we need inside – we just need help accessing that wisdom), as well as giving suggestions and tips from my depth of experience and from doing many trainings and working with many teachers, is so powerful.

Coaching looks at supporting you to move forward. Yes, things from your past will come up – fears, blocks, habits, patterns and more – but rather than dwelling on them, we look at how to help you release them from your entire being so that they no longer are your story and don’t hold you back. You instead are empowered to change and create new habits, behaviours and patterns that fully support you.

You have to have the right coach, and invest the time to find the right coach for YOU. Someone that gets what you are going through, who can relate and be understanding and supportive, but also help motivate you. Someone who holds you accountable and helps you move through fears and blocks.

When you work with someone who has gone through what you may be facing right now, they can support you to move through it so much quicker. Perhaps not mirroring the exact experiences, but someone who has the tools to help you reach your desired outcome. They’ll share their tools and strategies, to help fast track you, so you don’t spend as much time holding on and going around in circles.

It’s similar to working with a personal trainer in the gym.

Perhaps that’s why I put myself through so much, and also importantly got myself through it, so I could someday help support others.

Either way, I can say that I have come out the other end from some things where I saw no way out:

  • Spiralling in and out of depression
  • Broke and £15,000 in debt
  • Addictions to alcohol, food, shopping, TV and more
  • Extreme loneliness and despair
  • Constantly on diets and looking for ways to fix or mould my body into what I thought it should be, failing miserably at this and instead always gaining more weight than I lost
  • Mood swings and anxiety
  • Self-loathing and self-harming in the way I treated myself and what I thought I was worth
  • Working in jobs that weren’t aligned, so escaping in alcohol and food
  • Relationships with men who were totally unavailable
  • Negotiating complex family dynamics
  • Working through a multitude of identity paradigm shifts both culturally and racially

Where I am today, after taking ownership of my life, is an entirely different place. It’s about my inner journey and how I feel about myself. It’s the releasing, shedding, forgiving and accepting. It’s the inner shifts that have happened to change how my entire world is today. Not some end destination that I’ve got to.

As a result I can honestly say I feel happy being here, in my body. I feel so grateful that I live the life that I do. It is now my mission to help you also feel this fantastic (we often don’t realise how good we’re meant to feel as what society accepts as normal is a life filled with stress, tiredness, under nutrition and more) knowing that there will be down days sometimes – and that’s all welcome too!

I get it, it can be scary and you may not feel you are worth the investment or you don’t have the money. This was my story for a long time. It took me a long time to invest in myself, but once I did – I never looked back and that feeling of being truly supported and changing your life for the better is priceless, in my opinion. I also always said I could do it alone, and I have done a lot on my own. But it’s through working with others who are a few steps ahead or are professionals in their field that has made the biggest difference in my life.

Are you tired of living in a cycle of stress and feeling like there’s something missing? Do you know that you can feel incredible, energised and embodied but are not getting there on your own?

I want to work with people ready for transformation. Ready to start living life on their terms who are prepared to do what it takes to get there.

People ready to own their past and what has happened to them, and who are ready to take their own future into their hands.

People who want to be in their body’s right now on this planet so that they can thrive and experience their lives to the fullest.

Are you one of them? Are you ready for big changes in your wellbeing which will filter out into your entire life?

When we take our lives into our own hands and stop letting the past and others define us, we can create magic. I would be honoured to support you in making magic in your life.

I invite you to book in a free 30 minute call with me here.

To YOUR life.

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