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March 13, 2016
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Do you need some more me-time this week?

Do you need some more me-time in your week?

Do you find your weeks merging into one another as you are spending your time running from work to being with family and/or friends; having to go to the supermarket; preparing and cooking meals; catching up on social media or news; trying to get in some exercise and on top of that finding some down time for yourself?


It seems like this is the story of so many people’s lives today. We try to do it all, often finding that we’re spreading ourselves too thinly.


If you’ve been neglecting yourself a bit recently, here are five simple steps to include some more me-time in your week. We all need time to rest and recharge so we can feel energised, be the best we can be, and can give more to others.

1. Look at what you have going on in your diary

2. Pinpoint at least three things you know you can either: ditch because in your heart you really don’t want to do it, delegate to someone else (if that’s an option for you) or do at a later time if you still want to

3. Now remove one of those things (more if you like), now you have some time for YOU – even if it’s just an hour, whatever realistically works

4. Think about what you love and that recharges you. Is it some down time reading, a hot bubble bath, a movie, a walk in nature?

5. Make the time to fit it in this week, schedule it in your diary and make it happen (guilt-free) – you’ll thank yourself for it later

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