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January 18, 2016
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Healthy desk drawer essentials

Offices are a breeding ground for unhealthy eating – at least I have found this to be the case in my experience. Perhaps it’s the joined collective spurring one another on with the mentality of ‘if we’re all eating badly it doesn’t matter so much…’ or the stress factor, leading to mindless consumption or looking for a quick fix, often high in sugar or salt.

Either way I have found the only way to resist temptation, especially when will power is weak, is to have a few items on hand which I keep in my desk drawer. This way I know I have something if I need a snack and I find my energy levels are more consistent throughout the day. Here are my personal ‘essentials’:

1. Miso soup packets – good quality ones, particularly from a Japanese food store, so they have good flavour. These are great for breakfast if I’ve not eaten and / or a warm afternoon snack.
2. Mixed nuts – unsalted and raw. Great to grab a handful at any time, particularly if you have a mid-afternoon energy slump.
3. Oil and vinegar – so I have a go to for salad dressing or a splash of flavour.
4. Cans of fish – these are my personal favourite and are a great snack at any time, or even breakfast.
5. Chia seeds – these can be added to water or another liquid of your choice for a snack or breakfast.
6. Herbal teas – so I always have a hot drink of my choice on hand and can avoid sugary shop bought drinks.
7. Chilli flakes – great for adding a kick when you need some spice in your life.
8. Dark chocolate – good quality and the darker the better, for when you just have to have something sweet!

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