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Do it, do it

I think many of us are guilty of leaving things until the last minute, I certainly am. I used to be the Queen of procrastination pulling multiple all nighters if I had to, to get things finished. I found it very stressful and exhausting, plus there was always that fear that I might not get whatever I was doing done in time. So, over the years I've tried to do things with a little more time to spare, which means I feel more on top of things, and avoid that oh s*** last minute feeling. Here are a few things I have found that have helped:

- Do the biggest thing (which can often be the thing you least want to do) first, and by 11am.

- Have a timer where you work non stop for 40 minutes then take a small break.

- Turn off emails and social media sites, which can be distracting.

- Break up what you need to get done into manageable chunks so you feel less overwhelmed.

- Put yourself in a position to be accountable for what you need to / want to get done (either a coach or good friend works well for this). For example, set yourself a deadline for what you want to achieve and then ask your coach or friend to hold you accountable to making that deadline. Doing it with a friend who also has their own goals for a deadline can work as you will both have to ensure you get what you need to do done. You can even include forfeits such as donating money to a charity (or even a cause you don't believe in, to motivate you) if you don't make them.

- Realise there will be days when things won't go to plan, that's okay. Don't beat yourself up about it, just pick it back up as soon as you can.

If there is something you are putting off that I can help with send an email to and let me know.

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