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Seasonal 11-day resets

Seasonal (spring, summer, autumn, winter) 11-day resets throughout the year.

We all go through seasons in life, whether they are with the changes in weather, monthly with our cycles (those of us who menstruate) and as we enter new chapters and phases.

I find the changing seasons have quite a big effect on me as a sensitive person. In the past I often resisted change, or would fill up my time with so many things in an effort to not feel the changes. But these days I've learned to slow down during seasonal shifts, re-connect to myself and this beautiful planet, and just be.

The changing seasons are such a great time to take stock and reset - looking at what foods and drinks you may want to increase/decrease (seasonal eating is so much better for you as well as the environment), look at your life holistically and make changes that feel good for the season, as well as set some new intentions for the months ahead.

A few examples of self-care actions that may work for different seasons are:

Spring: Getting outdoors in nature - Setting intentions for the following month/s - Creating in some way – painting, cooking, photography, gardening etc - Self-compassion and kindness

Summer: Spending time with friends - Being more active (outdoors) - Eating lighter, fresh foods - Travelling, trying something new and exciting

Autumn: Journaling - Gratitude - Gentle movement and stretches - Pampering yourself – hot baths, face-masks etc

Winter: Eating warming, nourishing foods - Watching a good movie - Reading - Taking naps when possible

To support you with the seasonal changes and help you flow into them feeling supported, I am offering four 11-day resets throughout the calendar year, to coincide with the seasonal changes in the northern hemisphere.

Each of the 11 day resets will include seasonal recipes, inline with the season (for example the spring ones will be more cleansing and the winter ones more nourishing) as well as daily inspiration (a mix of videos, audio files and written content) with holistic seasonal tips to help you reset in all areas of your life.

There is also a Facebook group for support, accountability and to ask questions.

Some of the benefits you can expect are:

– Feeling lighter and more energised - Clearer skin - Sleeping better - Better digestion - Feeling calmer and more connected to yourself - Clearing out in all areas of your life so you feel balanced - Feeling ready for the new season and change - Feeling motivated to keep eating healthy moving forward - Weight loss as you will be eating only real, fresh foods

The next reset starts on September 30th and is only £25. To book please click here.

If you would like to see if this programme is a fit for you, or if you have any questions please email me at to arrange a free, no-obligation call.