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Self-care for the soul

Are you on the awakening journey? Do you regularly give your time and energy to others and lose sight of yourself and your needs? Are you looking for a nourishing couple of hours re-setting and re-connecting to you?

If this resonates, I invite you to join my monthly online (via Zoom) 'Self-care for the soul' workshop, from the comfort of your own home. Get cosy and allow yourself to be held in a supported space where you can spend time with your soul, tuning into YOU and tapping into your needs.

Each workshop will focus on a different theme according to the moon cycles and seasonal shifts (in the northern hemisphere). Learning to work with the seasons and cycles (of the planet, moon and myself) and vary my self-care with them has been life-changing for me. It is an honour to share what I have learned and am still learning with you. Each workshop will vary according to what is coming up. Topics will include the following, plus more:

• Deeper connection with your entire being
• Embodiment
• Grounding
• Self-love
• Sensitivity as a strength
• Letting go
• Forgiveness
• Energy levels
• Manifesting with the moon
• Seed planting and visioning
• Deep nourishment and rest
• Spring, summer, autumn and winter self-care
• Cyclical living
• Alignment
• Connecting with your intuition

These workshops run monthly, and will be recorded if you can’t make it, or just fancy doing the recording in your own time. Each one will include guided meditations and visualisations as well as journaling prompts to help you tap into your needs at this time.

There will also be space at the end for you to share what is coming up for you, if you choose.

Each monthly workshop is approx 2 hours long and afterwards you will be sent a link to the video recording and a PDF workbook of the prompts for you to re-visit.

Cost per workshop is £25, or you can buy a bundle of 5 workshops for £100 valid for within six months of purchase.

Upcoming workshop dates (times are UK):
• Sunday 9th February: 2pm – 4pm.
• Sunday 8th March: 11am – 1pm
• Sunday 19th April: 11am – 1pm
• Sunday 17th May: 2pm – 4pm

You can book a place on the next workshop here. If you would like to book a bundle of 5 for £100, please click here.

20% from every sale will go to ETATU, a Kenyan charity, which ensures orphans can go to school, raises standards of education and supports widowed women to look after their families, amongst other things.

Julia Tobin

Follow Your Glow

“So grateful for the beautiful self-care sacred space you created Tara! You took us on a powerful and illuminating journey and I am still in awe of the insights and revelations. Thank you for guiding me to unearth such gems! The opportunity to relax and fully surrender in the comfort of my own home while being held in this precious container was such a gift. A gift that I’m still unwrapping! Thank you Tara for helping me to reconnect, recharge and carve out space for ME to emerge. So looking forward to the next opportunity to find treasures with you!”

Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes

“Tara is a wonderful Self-Care Coach. Her ability to listen and hear you is really outstanding. I’ve had sessions with Tara and have participated in her Soulful Self-Care Workshops. Our work together has helped me to go really deep into myself, connect with the needs of my body, mind and soul. Tara is one of a kind - if you haven’t worked with her yet I highly recommend it. You will be held and guided in the most amazing way. Thank you Tara for your wisdom and beautiful energy and for your ability to hold the space in such a gracious way.”

Sara Fox

"Tara's self-care workshop was a welcome breath of fresh air at what has otherwise been a very busy and emotionally draining time. Following the workshop I felt calm and centred and this continued the next day and beyond. The visualisations and reflective journalling provided both valuable insights into what my soul needs right now as well as some practical strategies for day-to-day life in the coming month. I can't wait for the next one - this may well become one of my regular "top-up" activities. Thank you Tara, it was a lovely workshop and you really held the space in a powerful way."