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Self-care for the soul

Do you feel like you always put other people before yourself? Do you need a break from your busy life and find yourself seeking a nourishing couple of hours with a bit of magic thrown in?

Look no further than this self-care for the soul experience.

This is a spiritual experience for people who find that they always put everyone and everything else first, leaving little or no time for themselves. The thought of self-care can seem pretty selfish when there are so many other people to attend to and an endless amount of things to do.

In this soulful experience you will be guided through some gentle activities to help you connect to you and your need, and remind you how simple and nourishing self-care can be.

You’ll also be taken through some reflective exercises to create your personalised self-care toolbox which you will have to reference when you leave and help remind you to care for yourself daily moving forward.

We’ll also connect with some Oracle and Angel cards as a way of helping you tap into your intuition and inner-knowing. A great tool for when you need that little bit of extra guidance.

This experience is for you to spend some time on YOU and reconnect with yourself.

The experience includes:

• Journal writing with prompts to tap into your heart and intuition
• Exercises to create a personalised self-care toolbox
• Guided meditation
• Oracle and Angel card readings
• Sharing with likeminded and supportive women
• Raw chocolate tasting (in-person workshops only)
• Pampering with some ethical, organic skincare products and more from Neal’s Yard (in-person workshops only)

You might be feeling so drained that you're running on empty, or maybe you simply know that you are well overdue for some ‘me-time’. You may have almost forgotten what it feels like to be you. You may also be feeling particularly sensitive to all that's happening in the world and could do with a space to retreat to for a couple of hours.

Each workshop lasts approx. 2 hours and is on a different theme according to the seasons and cycles of the planet. They take place over Zoom (so you can join while wearing your PJs!). For in-person workshops, please get in touch.

Price is £35 per person

You can book a place on the next workshop here.

Julia Tobin

Follow Your Glow

“So grateful for the beautiful self-care sacred space you created Tara! You took us on a powerful and illuminating journey and I am still in awe of the insights and revelations. Thank you for guiding me to unearth such gems! The opportunity to relax and fully surrender in the comfort of my own home while being held in this precious container was such a gift. A gift that I’m still unwrapping! Thank you Tara for helping me to reconnect, recharge and carve out space for ME to emerge. So looking forward to the next opportunity to find treasures with you!”

Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes

“Tara is a wonderful Self-Care Coach. Her ability to listen and hear you is really outstanding. I’ve had sessions with Tara and have participated in her Soulful Self-Care Workshops. Our work together has helped me to go really deep into myself, connect with the needs of my body, mind and soul. Tara is one of a kind - if you haven’t worked with her yet I highly recommend it. You will be held and guided in the most amazing way. Thank you Tara for your wisdom and beautiful energy and for your ability to hold the space in such a gracious way.”

Sara Fox

"Tara's self-care workshop was a welcome breath of fresh air at what has otherwise been a very busy and emotionally draining time. Following the workshop I felt calm and centred and this continued the next day and beyond. The visualisations and reflective journalling provided both valuable insights into what my soul needs right now as well as some practical strategies for day-to-day life in the coming month. I can't wait for the next one - this may well become one of my regular "top-up" activities. Thank you Tara, it was a lovely workshop and you really held the space in a powerful way."