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May 8, 2016
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Avoid unhealthy snacking

Tips for avoiding unhealthy snacking in an office

Offices can be a breeding ground for unhealthy snacking. It’s so easy to get carried away and mindlessly shovel away snacks, then before you know it you’ve polished off a jumbo bag of crisps, more biscuits than you remember and a giant handful of sweets. It can take tremendous amounts of willpower not to join in when there are snacks lying around the office in a free for all. Here are a few suggestions to help keep you on a healthy path.

1. Bring in your own

This has to be the simplest way to avoid the lure of sugary and salty snacks with an instant high. If you bring in your own snacks you have an alternative and don’t feel as though you are missing out. Some healthy choices can be plain nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables such as carrots, peppers, celery and cucumbers, a little bit of nut butter, hummus or perhaps some roasted chickpeas.

2. Make healthy food for everyone

Get as many other people excited about healthy options as you are by showing them how good they can be. I once made a fruit pizza (watermelon slices with different fruit and nuts as the toppings) which was a bit different and tasted good. If you make your healthy options fun and creative they won’t seem so boring and unappetising.

3. Try to manage stress regularly throughout the day

So much mindless eating in offices comes from stress and a resulting craving which can be satiated with a quick fix, such as cups of coffee or chocolate and salty snacks. Taking regular breaks, ideally in fresh air can help you stay calm and make healthier food choices throughout the day. Even a few deep breaths away from your screen will help.

4. Have a healthy-office-buddy

There must be at least one other person who wants to stay healthy in your office. Having someone to ‘buddy up’ with on your mission to eat healthily will help when pressure and stress may get the better of you.


5. Drink enough water

You’ll feel less inclined to reach for the nearest sugar or salt laden snack when you are fully hydrated as you’ll be more alert and not feel the need for an instant fix. Plus, it is very common to mistake thirst for hunger.

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